domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2012


Watercolor - in progress
A quick look of one of the things I am doing. Her name is Ana, like my grandmother's name that is somewhere in the most beautiful garden awaiting for her beloved ones.
Una rápida mirada de una de las cosas que estoy haciendo. Su nombre es Ana, al igual que el nombre de mi abuela, que está en algún lugar en el jardín más hermoso a la espera de sus seres queridos

5 comentarios:

Tammie Lee dijo...

so lovely to see what you are creating.
Anna is a lovely name.

Welcome to Palomo's Secret Garden :) dijo...

Thank you Tammy for your lovely comment, you are always so sweet. I hope you have a very blessed week my friend. Thank you again<3

Skye dijo...

Oh my goodness! Your work is beautiful!!!

Ces Adorio dijo...

Thank you for visiting my Sunday Painter blog. Your work is beautiful. I have been trying to paint with watercolor and I am still trying. :)

Welcome to Palomo's Secret Garden :) dijo...

Thank you for your kind words:) Thank you both for your kind words, I really appreciate it :)